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12th May 2019 Prescott Hillclimb and Classic Car Show

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Prescott start line
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This event now forms the Sunday 'Funday' element of our 2019 AGM!

Quite a number of us attended the car show and hillclimb on Sunday as part of the AGM weekend at Prescott in May 2017. Well it was so good we are going back again in 2019!

For the more adventurous there is the chance to have a series of untimed runs up the hill. You can go as quickly as you feel comfortable with because the marshals will not release the car behind until you are some way up the hill. This will cost an extra £40 (must be pre-booked).

If you just take part in the static display there is the chance to have a processional run up the hill near lunchtime, or you can just chill with your car in the paddock area, chat to friends and look around the eclectic range of classic and racing cars.

Prescott is one of our most favourite of places — it is a very scenic compact venue set on the edge of a beautiful valley in the Cotswolds. The hillclimb has a series of technical corners which really suit the compact form of the S800 and as a spectator it is easy to wander from corner to corner to get a different angle on the action. The paddock area is open to the public where the cars can all be seen and to top all this there is a great cafe — and ice-cream!

The event combines all that a motoring enthusiast could desire — a classic car show, scenery, teas and coffees, food and some track action. Those who choose to take part in the static display do have the option of a cavalcade run up the hill.

Whichever aspect of the event you take part in is up to you — either a static display, a cavalcade procession up the hill or a day of faster (untimed) runs up the hill.

We will make sure that every entrant to the 2019 AGM weekend has the chance to attend Prescott so a separate entry for the Charity Car Show won't be needed. We do need you to let us now now if you intend to take part in the hillclimb activity during Sunday at an extra cost of £40.

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