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19th May: Three Sisters Track Day and Show

ThreeSisters Circuit
Three Sisters Track 4

Anyone fancy attending a Honda specific car show and track day right here in the North West of the UK?

Hot on the heels of your Chairman and Website Secretary talking to the Three Sisters owners at the Autosport Show in January 2019 about how ideal this twisty circuit would be for the S800 — then there is an event organised by Mimms Honda at the very circuit in question!

You can attend for £13.50 and see the various Hondas on display as well as view the track action — or you can join in the track action if you wish at extra cost.

Entry is strictly by pre-booked ticket only and you can add 30 minute track session slots at a cost of £30 (if you wish) — again all booked in advance.

Full details are on the Mimms Hondaday website — click here to go to the Three Sisters event ticket booking page. (NB — we do not have a formal Club stand at this event).

When the spaces are gone the event will be full and no late entries or day entries are allowed — so please book early if you wish to take part.

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