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2018: What are YOU up to?
Tour of Cheshire Rally
15th Apr: Corinium Run
Honda S600
22nd April: The MAC Classic
Classic car
13th May: Prescott Hillclimb Show
28th - 29th July: The 2018 AGM
26th - 27th Aug: Gold Cup
The Club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show
9th - 11th Nov: NEC Car Show
Dec: Christmas Dinner
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2018: What are YOU up to?

123 2397 IMG

Let us know what you are doing with your car in 2018 — and we can add an article about it here. Hopefully a few Honda friends will then turn up as well!

It doesn't matter how small an event. With there only being a small number of S800's left on the road we are never going to get a massive turnout of cars.

We do find that the public are fascinated by our vehicles, including the new 'Playstation Generation' who may have been introduced to the S marque via the Gran Turismo racing game! Now let's show them the real thing!

So, whatever you are doing let us know. Just email the basic details to us via the 'Contact' link at the foot of this website and we will take it from there.

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