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15th April Corinium Run. A navigational economy run

Tour of Cheshire Rally

*** FULLY BOOKED after just 6 days! ***

Have you ever done an Economy Run? No — well if not this is the one to try. Impeccable organisation makes this an event not to be missed.

The format is a navigational run around the country lanes of the Cotswolds following a tulip diagram style road book. It's all at normal road pace and generally on quiet roads out of the way of the public.

Before setting off you will have signed on, had breakfast and filled your tank which is then sealed under the scrutiny of the officials. You then drive at your pace around the Cotswold route with breaks for tea and coffee and lunch of course. At the finish the seal on your tank is broken and the tank refilled.

The route organisers know the correct mileage for the route so after a short while will produce your MPG over the route. There are no prizes, as this is not a competition, but there are league tables of best (and worst) MPGs. Some try to aim as high as possible by the most delicate use of the throttle whereas some participants drive as normally as possible and try to match a pre stated MPG figure. This is quite a skill and you need to know your cars characteristics well and of course not get lost which would use extra fuel but not change the mileage as only the official milage is used in the results!

After food at the finish and the results have been handed out you are all set for the return home with both the car (and yourselves) having been replenished.

The route books are generally easy to follow as the organisers don't want you to get lost but you do need to keep your eyes peeled for some of the turns!

Be careful that the camaraderie of these events can be infectious and you can find yourself doing more serious navigational rallies!

Virtually all cars are eligible — in case your classic Honda is off the road being fettled.

For more details click here to go to the organising Clubs relevant page.

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