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18 May 2024: Weaver Wander

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The Weaver Wander will run on 18th May 2023. In my experience this is probably the easiest classic car run to take part in. The navigation is easy – and cars set off almost in a procession meaning you can often follow the car in front! As an introduction to taking part in a run this has to be a great starting point – in fact you could probably do this with no navigator.

Before the start there is plenty of opportunity to view the assembled cars whilst grabbing a bacon 'buttie' and a cuppa. After the run there are stalls at the finish venue with tea and cake and a further chance to view the cars as well as swap stories about the route.

The run will start once again from the South Cheshire area with the cars being flagged away by a local dignitary in front of the cheering crowds! The route typically heads to the Peak District or North Wales and back to the start area.

The organisers are planning to have separate routes ending up at a scenic venue close to the start. Two of the routes will comprise around 80 miles each and there will be a shorter optional route of approximately 50 miles for older vehicles.

The website listing all the details is here –

Remember – the monies raised are all for charity and is an excellent way to use your car in like-minded company!

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