How the site works!

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If you have clicked here — well that's probably because you are visiting us for the first time or are a bit baffled as to how the site works.

A quick overview of the website.

The site resizes depending upon whether you are using a PC, a tablet or a phone. Generally though the text stays pretty much the same size so it is still readable on a small screen. The only downside is you won't get many words per line — so although it works with a phone, it is a better experience on a tablet or PC.

On a phone or small screened tablet you will find the word 'Menu' in white lettering on black near the top — click on that to make the full menu choices appear.
On an iPad, larger tablet or PC there will be a series of tabs with white writing on black across the top. Clicking on these either launches that page or gives you a sub menu. If you then click on a sub menu item it will then take you to that page. Sub menus are just a simple way of not ending up with endless tabs on the main screen. It also means we can group similar topics together.

Important — If you cannot open some of these tabs please refer to the section later on.

Down the left of your larger screen is a series of links to upcoming events in date order within a red box. Click on these to read more about that event. On a tablet this section may have its own central red box if your tablet is small, but on a small screen phone the Events area only appears within the main 'Menu' tab. Again you just need to click on any item you want to open.

You will also find a box linking the site to our Facebook page and a 'Join the Club' link which means you can join or renew your subs via PayPal.

I cannot get into some parts of the site!

Some areas are open to everyone — this is so we can tell the public in general about the cars and our Club. Some areas are Members only — and you need to be a paid up member* to access these areas. To get into these areas a pop up box will appear and you need to insert either your email address or alternatively your user name (if known) in the top line and the password in the bottom line. You should then be able to access any Club Member only pages.

If you cannot get access then usually this is because:-

  • we don't have you down as a paid up member or
  • your email address on our records is incorrect or
  • very occasionally we might be having a technical issue. In most instances access issues relate to the first two reasons shown.

Whichever is the case, click on 'Contact' at the bottom of the site and we will endeavour to sort out the issue.

* Membership is £20 per annum (dropping to £15 after 1st September) and can be paid by using the 'Join the Club' link. From the 1st January we offer 15 months for the price of 12!

The Forum.

This is positioned within the Club website and administered by the Club but is hosted externally from our Club website by a company called Runboard. At present the Forum is accessible by anyone. We took the view that if someone wanted to approach the Club with a car for sale, spares, services or events of interest to us they should have free access to an area to post their message.

You don't need a password to read the Forum — but you will need to create a user name and a password to post a message. Click on 'Sign Up' at the top of the Forum page and create and insert your user name (NB — most people don't use their real name!). Then add your email address, date of birth and confirm you are over 18 and agree to the terms of service (click on those words to read these).

Your user name and password for the rest of the site (i.e. the Club members only areas) will not work to access the Forum as this page is hosted externally to the Club. You will need to sign into the Forum separately.


Have you seen the 'Search' box on the main/Home page? Type a single word or phrase in here to search all of the Club site for relevant articles.

There is a search facility on the Forum as well. Look for the fairly small word 'Search' at the top right. Click on this and then in 'Search string' box type what you are looking for — eg panels. It's probably best to leave the right hand box set to 'All forums' as users don't always add their posting in the right section!


In the past we had a printed magazine called Revs! In this electronic era we have kept the name for the area of the site with news such as write ups on recent events and recent developments. The advantages are fast (almost instantaneous) publishing and lots of colour pictures as well as the ability to insert active links to other websites. There is quite a cost saving freeing up funds for other Club activities. To access Revs! click on the link from the main page. We welcome any stories you have about your restorations or activities.

When the news is no longer 'new' we archive the articles simply to keep the 'Revs' page more manageable. You can find these archived articles by clicking on 'Archive' then 'Archive Articles'.

Downloadable stuff.

We have a lot more space within our new website meaning we can store and make available items to members like the Parts Books and the Workshop Manuals. Have a look what is available under Technical then Manuals/Booklets — you might find just the thing you need! We are members of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) and receive their newsletters which are held under the 'Archive' tab. You can also find stuff like the MSA Year Book (or 'Blue Book' as it is known) which is the 'bible' for any aspiring racer or rallyist.


I am guessing you have already found this tab! There is lots of information and links to spares suppliers that are known. If you find anything useful to other Members — let us know so we can add it to our list.

So that's it — have a play around and find all the stuff that is yours as a member!

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